The reason why canvas painting is popular now Aug 02, 2021

canvas paintingis very popular now. They can flexibly decorate houses, offices, restaurants, shops and many other places. However, sometimes it is difficult to decide what you really want and how to choose the right print. in this article, we want to help you understand which option is best for you and how to deal with such posters and make them look like works of art, perfect for the interior design of your house.

Let's start with the questions: "What is a canvas painting?" and "Why do you need canvas painting instead of paper paintings or photos?"

canvas paintings are images printed on canvas, originally created to reproduce paintings. it is usually made rectangular or square. Usually, the canvases are stretched on a basic wooden frame, but they can also be installed in visible frames, which are usually customized.

modern canvas paintingsallows people to add personality to their homes and workplaces without spending too much money, and get rid of bare walls. in addition, almost all images can be printed on it.

compared with paper printing, this printing method has three basic advantages:

canvas is more durable than any type of photo paper. The photos printed on it are not susceptible to moisture, warp, or torn into pieces. in addition, canvas posters will not fade like paper posters.

The canvas has a textured surface to make them look more vivid and interesting. it depends on the image, but sometimes the canvas may look like the original painting.

If you print a photo on a canvas, you can divide a photo into several canvases, which will make up the entire photo when hanging. This is a very good design solution. it looks original and complicated, but it cannot be made with paper photos.

in addition, canvas painting is a good substitute for some artworks. many copies of famous paintings are on sale, and almost everyone can afford them.

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